Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sept 25, 2005 - Hurricane Rita winding down...

Dear Sis~

Hurricane Rita has pretty much played itself out and from what I'm seeing on my little 5" TV, the damage was considerably less than anticipated. Still, if you are one of the victims who has lost all of his/her property, or the house, or a loved one, there is no consolation in the storm's reduced fury, nor any wisdom in the old adage that pain, disappointment and conflict are just the universe's conduit to life's reality... Stepping back to look at the bigger picture, with the increase in the number and severity of hurricanes in general, it is clear to me that global warming is definitely a contributing factor. Whether mankind's actions are behind global warming or whether it is just some sort of normal, cyclical thing may be debatable, (though in my mind the issue is settled; we are screwing this planet up!) but the reality of global warming is not debatable. We'd better get used to more hurricanes like Katrina, because they're coming.

Remember when we were kids in Miami and we rode out (and played outdoors in)hurricanes? I remember especially Hurricane Donna in 1960 and Betsy in 1965, because they were so powerful and they hit Miami squarely. Still, I played outdoors during both (yeah, I was always doing stupid stuff, wasn't I?) Now, can you imagine what the result will be when a Katrina-sized storm hits Miami Beach and Miami head on? It will be catastrophic, especially on Miami Beach, where no point of land is higher than 10 feet above sea level. Hurricane Andrew was bad, but lots of folks don't understand that the main brunt of Andrew hit Homestead and Florida City, 25 miles south of Miami. If it had hit 25-30 miles farther north, it would have been twice as worse. And one day, that will happen.

I'm not much of a TV watcher; usually I check out the news and Discovery Channel, and an ocassional movie. But being in a cell 24 hours a day, well, I watch more TV than I otherwise would. Anyway, I decided to check out some of the new TV drama series which are making their premiers and I was universally disappointed, even disgusted, at how so many of them were police/detective shows which involve the most despicable and outrageous criminals/ suspects conceivable. In particular, these shows feature female victims (usually kidnapped) who are horribly tortured and murdered. Then the graphic details are featured in the program. One new show is called Killer Instinct and it is representative. It features shallow, wooden characters mouthing lousy dialogue, plodding along through predictable plot scenarios. The common denominators are always unbelievably psychotic torturers/killers who dismember, rape and torture female victims. The unspoken (and none too subtle) message is that maniacs lurk everywhere, and that your typical criminal is a psychopathic murderer who must be hunted down and shot dead by the hero police who are handicapped by their scrupulous adherence to the criminals' constitutional rights and the "liberal judges" who seemingly live for nothing else except to release obviously guilty murderers on legal hyper-technicalities. And when the cops "bend the rules" by beating confessions out of suspects or fabricating evidence, the suspect is always obviously guilty so as to reinforce that the ends justify the means. I've yet to see one of these shows (like NYPD Blue or Law and Order) where they arrest the wrong guy and then beat a false confession out of him or fabricate false testimony, as happens in the real world. But besides that, what really bothers me about these new shows is their focus on graphically showing women being tortured and maimed and murdered, over and over and over. There's a real sickness to it, and I wonder who patronizes these brainless shows. It says something about us as a society when every night on every channel the 3 major networks feature such mind-dead tripe which caters only to our basest instincts. It's sad and disappointing.

OK, Sis, enough babbling for now...Keep your chin up and a smile on your face!

Love & Peace,


andrekellner said...

Hi my friends,

Nice reading a new post from Bill. I see this blog has become the victim of these annoying and aggressive advertisement methods. Have you ever thought how much advertisements were seeing during a normal day? Our lives are filled with advertisements, commercials, spam, and whatever more. It's so much that we don't even see it anymore. Perhaps that's even more dangerous of all because they can poison our minds without us knowing about it. I must admit though that I have some sort of love/hate relationship with commercials though. I guess the last years the commercial makers have finally understood that humor is the key, so more and more commercials are based on something funny. But when you see them a few times, it's not funny anymore and it becomes yet another boring commercial added to the rest. Luckily I also don't watch allot of TV but some people do... I wouldn't even start calculating how much time of their lives is wasted on watching commercials...

I wanted to say that I noticed while I was updating DRS that Robin Lovitt, the guy Bill wrote about several times, has received a new execution date. His execution is now set for November 30. I didn't read anything about it in the media! Did the US Supreme Court made any decision about his case? Perhaps Bill could tell us a little more about it, if he is already known with this execution date, guess so cause bad new travels fast, especially in such a small community as a prison.

I have finished Bill's autobiography, and just to tell every reader of this blog, it was definitely worth reading and I consider every minute spend on this book as quality time. This book kept me reading until the sun came up a few nights in a row. It was a stunning, from time to time funny, but most of all amazing book. Written with a good dose of self knowledge and honesty. I enjoyed it allot. Currently I'm devouring Quietus and I'm also trapped by this book, can't stop reading, want to know what follows.

About the global heating. I'm totally with Bill when it comes to this. We have messed to earth up dramatically. Even if we try to stop this now, I'm afraid it's already too late. It's like a nuclear reaction in an atomic bomb. Once the reaction starts... there is no stopping it. Only difference is that this global heating could become much more deadly then an atomic bomb.

Humans are really crazy... They say animals don't shit in their own backyard. We'll humans do because the world is our backyard. This once, so beautiful planet, filled with countless different forms of life, every form a splendid piece of perfection, perfectly designed for its habitat. The only problem in this fairytale is the wicked witch. Humanity is her name.

No truly, I often think to my self the following story... What if one day, just outside our galaxy, this gigantic fleet of saucers is waiting? They are waiting for a sign whether they would save or destroy humanity. The head aliens want to examine us, our behavior and knowledge. Consider all the crazy stuff we do, the things we have invented, how we messed up this planet, the religions people have and such. Personally I don't think we stand a change... I know, just my idea on humanity... (Don't worry... I'm just like anyone else... a consumer, so don't start screaming that I'm just like everyone else because I know I am!)

Well, until the next blog I would say...

Take care,


Britta said...

Execution is on again for Lovitt
Arlington judge must set new date for killer of pool-hall manager
Tuesday, October 4, 2005

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Robin Lovitt is headed back to the state death house for the 1998 murder and robbery of an Arlington County pool hall manager.

Just hours before he was to die by injection on July 11, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed the execution pending a decision on whether it should hear his case. Yesterday, the high court turned him down without comment.

Steven Engel, one of Lovitt's lawyers, said in an e-mail that they will pursue a clemency petition with Gov. Mark R. Warner. Kevin Hall, a Warner spokesman, said a clemency petition was filed by Lovitt in July but said he could not comment further.

An Arlington circuit judge must set a new date within 10 days of receiving written notice of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision. The execution must take place within 60 days of the day on which the new date is set.

In 2001, potentially critical evidence in Lovitt's case was destroyed by the Arlington Circuit Court clerk's office in violation of what was then a new state law. The law was enacted to save evidence in death cases should DNA testing later be required.

Lovitt, 41, was on parole when he was arrested in the Nov. 18, 1998, death of Clayton Dicks, an Arlington pool-hall manager stabbed six times in his chest and back with scissors.

According to the state, DNA played a marginal role in his prosecution. Lovitt's lawyers disagree and say retesting might cast doubt on his guilt.

The evidence in his trial included three state DNA tests. One test suggested that Lovitt's DNA was present on the murder weapon, the prosecutor at Lovitt's trial told the jury. The other two tests, on Lovitt's jacket and on another part of the scissors, were inconclusive.

However, William C. Thompson, a lawyer, criminology professor and DNA expert, said the state test did not show Lovitt's DNA on the murder weapon and strongly suggested the victim's DNA was not present on Lovitt's jacket.

Emily Lucier, a spokeswoman for the Virginia attorney general's office, said the Supreme Court's decision was appropriate. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family," said Lucier.

Contact Frank Green at (804) 649-6340 or

This story can be found at:!news&s=1045855934842

rndalee said...

Great blog Lisa and Bill. I came across Bill's name while doing some research of Death Row inmates and was astounded of the sentence Bill has received even though he is not responsible for a death. Unbelievable, well not really. Our society punishes more often those who don't deserve it while the monsters go free. Prayers and blessings to you both. I have also enjoyed Bill's short stories though I have not yet read his book. From reading the previous comment I understand it will be a pageturner though and I look forward to its arrival in a few days. I would like to know who is working on Bill's appeals/motions and how the progress is going if it is not too personal? I have some education in law, not an attorney however. I was also amazed (I found this webpage before reading Bill's history and case info) how outgoing and intelligent Bill is. I enjoyed his vocabulary as it strayed significantly from the usual death row B/S. I am not trying to be offending, like I said I read this page before his history. Blessings go with you and so does my heart.