Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sept 4, 2005 Katrina's devestation

Dear Sis

I've been hip-deep in legal work and I've neglected to write. Now every TV station is broadcasting the heartbreaking scenes of devestation from New Orleans and the Mississippi coast caused by Hurricane Katrina, like postcard-style vignettes of life in Hell. There's a number of lessons to be taken away from this entire sad episode, not the least of which is how thin the veneer of civilization really is. When the shit really hits the fan and push comes to shove, the primal urge to survive becomes paramount and many people devolve to savagery. When the normal structure & control suddenly and utterly disappears (i.e., when there's no police, no recognized authority) there's a paradigm shift in people's mentality as they realize that all bets are off. You become acutely aware of the evanescence of civility as social organization is instantly replaced with chaos.

I experienced this in 1973 while at Sumter Correctional Institution when I was at the center (literally) of a race riot which, like a fingersnap, exploded all around me. In one instant, everything went from peace & order to total war (I was in the gym, which was packed with about 500 inmates, watching the weekly movie). The prison guards (all white) who normally stood around, representing authority and maintaining the boundaries with their mere presence, were suddenly being beaten to the ground by the black prisoners, and all of the blacks instantly turned and attacked all of the whites. It was well organized and choreographed, and a real surprise. It's hard to describe how such a sudden and massive change in the normal "order" of your life hits you like a shift in reality. For my own part, I immediately picked up the steel folding chair I was sitting in & began attacking those attacking me. I became a savage in a heartbeat (those who didn't think as fast, who hesitated or stood around in shock, got stomped & beaten to the ground). Anyway, I saw that same thing in New Orleans. You can believe that there are a lot of horror stories yet to be told about things that have happened in New Orleans during the last week (I'm referring to humans attacking humans, predators seeking out & killing and attacking innocent civilians). Which brings me to the second lesson to take away from this: When the shit really hits the fan, your survival depends upon yourself. Waiting for the government to come and save you is not a plan. It's up to you, your own wits, strength and intelligence. What you're seeing in New Orleans (as far as the social chaos) could happen in any American city if there is some sort of disaster (natural or man-made) which completely dislocates the social fabric. Most of us know this, but it doesn't really sink in until you see it in action, like in New Orleans. So, you don't have to be a paranoid "survivalist" to embrace the idea of being prepared for emergencies (extra food, water, fuel, etc...)

You can believe there'll be lots of finger-pointing and blaming when this is all over (it's already started). I was amazed to see numerous officials, including the FEMA Director, go on TV and claim that the magnitude of the destruction could not have been anticipated. Hell, scientists and environmentalists have been yelling about this for years. It's been predicted over & over & over. About 2 years ago I watched a program on the Discovery Channel where they used computer models & animation to show what a direct hit on New Orleans by a category 4 or 5 hurricane would do (it would flood and devestate the city). Everything thay showed came to pass with Katrina. The fact is that politicians chose to ignore those warnings, claiming it was just "paranoid tree-huggers" out to scare the public. Those politicians should now be held accountable (but, of course, they won't be). The citizens themselves must share the blame. This is a nation whose sole obsession appears to be cutting taxes to the bare-bones minimum. There's no money to build adequate dykes, levees and flood walls, or to help build up the buffering marshland through reclamation projects. The technology exists (and has long existed) to prevent this disaster (just ask the Dutch, masters at keeping the sea at bay), but the political will has been non-existent. Now the chickens have come home to roost. And, as usual, it is the poor and underprivileged and elderly who paid the price, with their lives in many cases...

Gotta go, Sis. It's time for yard.

Love & Peace,


andrekellner said...

Dear Bill and Lisa,

Excellent blog! You wrote down what I had in mind but wasn't able to formulate. You’re absolutely right about all you said.

First, almost every person (and animal to) have the urge to survive, no matter what! I saw officers on T.V. that told people to do what was necessary to survive. We probably all know that story of the plane crash upon a mountain that caused the survivors to eat their dead friends. We have just like animals an instinct to survive, most of the time we don't have to think about it.
One time I got beaten up by a group of 6 guys. It was I against six guys and two of them wearing chains and planning to us them. I could have taken the beatings but instead I choose to fight my way out of it. Alone, I knocked two of those guys down and kicked another where no guy likes to take a hit and created a passage to fled away. I was hit a few times but it could have been worse. The weirdest thing was that at the moment I just acted out of instinct, I guess a survival instinct.
In situations of need they're always people who take miss-advantage of the situation. I saw people carrying computer screens and T.V. sets. Now, that doesn't have to do with survival.
I have a lot of respect for the people who choose to stay and defend their property, even though it was a big risk to their lives, I guess I would have done the same though.

Now the biggest issue I belief is not who's to blame but how to prevent. Bill already mentioned the Dutch. In 1953 we had a similar situation and hundreds of people died of a broken dyke in the south west of the Netherlands. Since then we have worked and spent Billions of Euros to reinforce dykes, build and invent ingenious systems to keep the water out. We have drained pieces of sea and build complete cities upon that new land... We have founded many ways to keep our country dry and at this point we seem to win. A problem we're all facing is the fact that we have to deal with global warming. The water level is rising and severe hurricanes and such will come more often and will hit harder... This might be just the beginning. I would say cut the crap in Iraq and spent your dollars on a much bigger thread then Muslim terrorism will ever be. The environmental changes will eventually cause much more death when you don't act against that then any terrorist attack will ever be able to... but that's just my opinion.

Like I said before, excellent blog!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Not only is his sentence not meet his crime, sounds like William has the knowledge and ability to help the world if the world would only help him, although I believe that William was guilty of a crime, I also believe that he has done his time for that crime and could now offer something back to society in order to pay for his role in this situation. I also believe that a petition should be started on William's behalf, others have used, this is a free site which takes donations as a form of revenue, if you do choose to issue an online petition, please email me at, I am a business owner with means to assist in William's case but would like to see a petition circulated and would like to see more of the case against him. Once again terrific blog Bill and please keep them coming and I am in the process of ordering your book and look forward to reading it. The first 3 chapters were very insightful.

Take Care and God's Speed to you both,
Scott Brooks

andrekellner said...

I support the idea of the petition for Bill. I have helped to put a petition online for William David Riley on Georgia's death row and would be glad to assist in this matter. I can be reached through the website Death Row Speaks. We are also willing of course to promote the petition through our contacts and website. Just contact me if there is anything I can do.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your entries.

Best wishes from The Netherlands.

meghanclinton4447 said...
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