Saturday, August 04, 2018

Dear Readers,

It has been two years in the making, but this blog, Death Row Diary, has been published as a book in Italian through the dedicated and tireless work of Alessandro Piana of Milan, Italy. The title of the book is "Diario di un condannato a morte".   Alessandro is now researching the means to publish Death Row Diary in English and have it available through or a similar outlet.  I will post in this blog when the English version is available.  Since  the publication in Italian, many have purchased the book and I just recently received an email from one reader in Italy which I wanted to share with you.  It touched my heart and I know William is very appreciative for the success of this publication and how readers are responding.  Here is the email:

Dear Lisa,
Four days ago I decided to buy the book "Diario di un condannato a morte" almost by chance, after a dream that inspired me, and the subsequent reading of an article that happened under my nose while surfing the internet. Now, I naturally wonder what would have happened if I had not had that particular dream, or had not found that article; however, I do not want to bore you with my personal issues, so we come straight to the point.

Lisa, I'm sure I can say that your brother's letters, or in general the whole life experience of your brother, have profoundly changed me; they led me to an interesting reflection, to an awareness that I did not have before. There are no words to describe it: without your brother, without his letters, without your publication, without the work of Alessandro Piana I think I would be a different person, a person far less wise and less ready to face the life that lies ahead.

I believe his words "I do not think I'm wrong in believing in the end that my life has served something good, that I have had some positive influence on someone and that somehow he was able to repair, at least in part, to the many mistakes I have made before" are more than truthful, and I think I am a proof of this.

I just have to thank you, thank Alessandro Piana, and especially thank William.  With a look at the sky, thank you William, because without you I would not be the person I am now, thanks for giving me one of the greatest teachings I have ever received. Thank you so much, I really hope you're at peace; after all you deserve it.

Matteo Giaccone

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