Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 3, 2103 - Message to Bill's Readers

Dear Sis~

Today Governor Scott signed my death warrant and my execution date has been scheduled for June 12th, at 6pm.  I wasn't really surprised when they showed up at my cell door with the chains and shackles; for the last month or  so I've had a strong premonition that my warrant was about to be signed, but that wasn't something I wanted to share with you.

Sis, you know I'm a straight shooter, I'm not into sugar coating things, so I don't want you to have any illusions about this.  I do not expect any delays or stays.  This is it.  In 40 days these folks will take me into the room next door and kill me.

I know this is an impossible request but to the extent you can, please don't worry about me.  You know I am mentally strong, and I'm in a good place spiritually.  Right now I'm more concerned about the pain I'm causing you and everyone else who loves me and cares about me.  I am ready for this, Sis, and I am at peace.  After 40+ years of living in cages I am ready to leave this dead end existence and move on.  I leave with many regrets over the people I have hurt, and those I've disappointed, and over a life squandered away.  My spirit will fly away hugging all the life lessons learned over 58 years on Schoolhouse Earth and with an implacable determination not to repeat these mistakes the next time around.

I know you are sad and hurting, Sis; I wish I could wipe away your tears.  Dwell on our good memories from the days of our youth, and hang onto our shared belief that life on this planet is temporary, as our separation will be temporary, and we will be together again in our true Home.  Most of all, remember that Love abides and conquers all.

Light & Love,
While Bill wrote this on the day his warrant was signed, he was not aware of the many avenues we are pursuing to stop this execution, the Petition being one of the most powerful.  His attorneys are working non-stop for legal remedies and many people from all over the world have written him and sent up prayers for him.  For all the caring people who have been called to action I thank you from my heart as does Bill. 


A Friend said...

This letter is beautiful. It's so like Bill to be thinking of others instead of himself. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition several days ago. I certainly hope something good comes of it, but was curious as to why you feel this is one of the strongest measures going for Bill at this time? Are there cases where online petitions have been effective before?

Well, if the worst happens, I think it's clear that Bill is at peace. It's kind of eerie how, some may recall, Bill predicted that Governor Scott would be following the Texas, assembly lone sort of very active death row. Those politicians are really monstrous.

Honestly, I'd like to see more direct action taken against the lethal drug suppliers. This seems to me to be a very promising and surprisingly overlooked strategy to use to try to jam the gears of the death machine. There are companies which have been successfully persuaded, on ethical grounds, not to sell the chemicals used in executions to places that intend to use them for that purpose. In most states alternative methods of execution have already been deemed unconstitutional, so if the chemicals can't be procured, they can't kill anyone.

Not that any of this would be of any use to Bill. That's pretty brutal, giving a guy a death notice just 40 days prior. I don't know about Forida, but in many states those death watch cells can be quite cruel. This governor Scott is a real monster.

Unknown said...

I've followed Bill's blog for several years now. I (as was my family) was certainly devastated when I heard this news. I wish Bill all of the luck in the world, and justice for those in court. He is too good for a fate like this. I have been constantly amazed at his wit, courage and unflagging spirit. Thank you, Bill, for being an inspiration.

Unknown said...

I was up late last evening and came across Bill's blogs, I for one as a minister stand full force against the death penalty, there are way to many innocent people being killed by our states. Yes Bill said it correctly they are murdering innocent people. I lift Bill and his family up in my prayers here at my home and in the sanctuary during our worship. I just don't understand our government or the judicial system how they can convict and then when DNA improves and people can or may be proven innocent they ignore it. What happened to respect of truth and God fearing people? I see judges in church all the time and think to myself are they truly living the life of a Christian? God bless, Pastor Jim

Andrew said...

Dear William

For a variety of spiritual reasons I am closely connected to you, and our correspondence has been DEEP, to say the least! You are not just a pen-pal to me but a kindred spirit in many ways, a close friend and confidant who unknowingly helped me with issues I have! You were probably able to glean this and much more from the full 10-page letter I sent to you on the 22nd of April 2013 (and again on the 11th of May 2013, as I could not and can not be sure whether you received it the first time; your sister mentioned that your mail may have been withheld for a time). – As time may be running out for you here on Earth, and as communication may be difficult between us in the remaining time, this letter, in part, is going to be pretty hypothetical; it needs to be because I want to cover all eventualities.

I want you to know that connecting with you was more than special; it was well and truly SPIRITUAL; in the sense in which the Grail Message explains it. I am now going to admit something that does not easily role off the tongue of a man’s man ... but here it is: the encounter and exchange with you (via our letters and your published writings) introduced me to a third kind of love. Over the course of my life I've come to know intense romantic love a few times and until age 37 thought that that was it. But no, as in 2001 my daughter Lea Sophie was born, and when she was old enough to walk and talk (at age 18 months) her mother allowed us to go to the zoo together for a time. It was during those precious few occasions that a kind of love blossomed within me that was ... bigger! Excuse the use of this rather simplistic comparative adjective, but you know it is difficult to properly clothe such inner stirrings in appropriate language. So let me borrow words from you which you used to describe your epiphany:

“... as if swathed in a soothing warm blanket, a state of serenity I've never experienced and that I hope never ends. No reach of the imagination can adequately describe what I feel. They do not make words to convey this.”

Yeah, Man, your words fit the bill nicely for my purposes, too. I may not have had an epiphany like you (oh, wait a minute ... maybe my new-kind-of-love discovery with respect to my daughter WAS my very own epiphany!) but I surely learned of a love that was quite an expansion of what I THOUGHT love was! This love for my daughter in its purity, in its depth, in its unconditionality, in its limitlessness, changed me! A love so great and so profound, looking at her I said to myself: “If it took my life to save hers, I could easily, and with a broad smile on my face, die for her!” - This was new territory for me and the second variant of love I ever felt. – And then there came another kind of love; love for someone I never met personally and whose voice I never heard – you! I never thought this could happen ... but it did! It proves to me that SPIRITUAL exchange is the basis of all love, and it isn't contingent on a personal encounter! The love I feel is a deep, objective, sober, earnest, appreciative and knowing kind of love. The Grail Message confirms that threads of a finer consistency are continuously woven between persons of like spirit; it follows that you and I will meet again! The following quote refers to parents and their children in particular (because of the context in which it stands), however, it universally applies to all bonds of true love between fellow spirits:

“If the parents and children are linked by special bonds of love, confidence and friendship, it is so much the nicer for both, for then it is a voluntary tie born of inner conviction, and therefore all the more precious. Then it is genuine, and the bond will endure into the beyond for their mutual advancement and joy.” GM-II-18.

Farewell William!


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, I heard the news from Leo this morning about Bills death warrant.If there's anything I can do from here please drop me an email.


Anonymous said...

You might find this of interest:

Anonymous said...

Ive been writing to Bill for sometime, and then suddenly he went quiet and I didnt know until this was posted on facebook, he is a gentle giant, inspiring and give you motivation and looks at the world even though he is locked in a small cell, I send him calendars so that he can spread his wings and fly out of the cell on a wing and a prayer. Please keep me advised how things go, will follow on facebook also PAM THOMAS