Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dec 10, 2012

Dear Sis~

We have another execution scheduled for tomorrow, which makes for a somber atmosphere here, at least for me.  A surprisingly large percentage of these guys appear totally unaffected by the fact that one of their own is being put to death just 100 feet away.  By habit, I meditate for the hour straddling the execution, which here in Florida is routinely scheduled for 6pm, and I've always gotta screen out the laughter of guys watching some sitcom, or other inane conversation going on.  Some of these guys are actually unaware that an execution is occurring which shows you how clued in they are.  Talk about lack of situational awareness!  That aside, I'm wondering what a governor is thinking when he deliberately chooses to execute someone just before Christmas?  He could have picked any date, but he chose this time.  On the other hand, my trial judge picked Dec 22nd to sentence me to death.  That was my Christmas gift...  

At any rate, I'm not dwelling on the death and deprivation inhabiting this dump; at Christmas tie I'd like to focus on the good and positive things in my life - like the people who love and care about me - to remember what I have going for me instead of what is against me.  When I look around me, and around the world in general, I consider myself blessed.  Keeping things in perspective  helps maintain the sanity and keeps bitterness and self-pity from infecting the heart...

Give yourself a big Christmas hug for me, Sis, and know that you are loved!

Light & Love,

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