Monday, December 12, 2011

December 7, 2011 - Pearl Harbor Memorial

Dear Sis~

It's Pearl Harbor Day; there are very few World War II veterans left alive, and only a handful who experienced the attack on Pearl Harbor.  How the world has changed in the last 70 years!  And yet, from a war and violence perspective, humanity has not changed at all...

About three days ago a guy on the row named Willie Davis hung himself over at the main death row unit at UCI, across the river.  Suicide is a common last resort to the despondent and/or mentally ill on death row.  Then today, on E wing (housing close management prisoners, not D/R) a guy dove head first over the second floor rail, handcuffed behind his back, landing on his head and splitting open his skull.  He was life-lighted out of here in critical condition.  This guy was known to be mentally unstable.  This prison is a warehouse, they just stick guys in these solitary confinement cells, locked down 24/7 for years and years, virtually devoid of any property, with no help or programs available, so their mental deterioration is inevitable...

I'm watching all these Republican wannabees fighting for the Republican nomination and all I can think about is how Dad, a lifelong Republican, must be spinning in his grave as these clowns purport to represent the party of Lincoln.  The eventual nomination will be Mitt or Newt and I suspect  that many Republicans will sit on their hands at election time, a pox on both of them.  It's sad that these two buffoons are the best the GOP can come up with, but certainly a Godsend for Obama, who must be thanking his lucky stars!
Love & Peace,

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Anonymous said...

i just finished watching the episode of "I (almost) got out of it" on the I.D. channel and browsed the case and brought me to this. just thought i'd let you know that.