Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov 6, 2010 - Election Day Aftermath

Dear Sis~

Election day has come and gone and in the tightest Florida gubernatorial race in 18 years, the millionair businessman won the day (with the help of the $73 Million of his own personal fortune he threw into the kitty).  Statistically, self-financed candidates i.e, millionaires and billionaires seeking to buy an office,  usually lose (witness Meg Whitman and the $140 Million she just spent unsuccessfully seeking to become a senator from California) but here in Florida, the voter bought Rick Scott's spiel (cut taxes, balance the budget).  Scott's timing was excellent:  a Republican, running in a heavily Republican state in an election cycle where Democrats were being blamed for all the world's ills.  Rick Scott's mantra was "it's time to change the course of Tallahassee" which is odd, considering we've had a Republican governor and a Republican-dominated legislature for the past 12 years.  He has not explained how he's going to cut taxes (Florida has no state income tax) and balance the budget, but those details are apparently unimportant.  He vows to eliminate, entirely, the corporation tax which makes you wonder how the government will provide any services at all.  Americans love their government-provided services but hate to pay any taxes for them (hence, our inevitable deficit spending and consequent ginormous budget deficits and national debt).
Anyway, we've got our new Governor.  Who knows ... myabe he'll turn out to be a good one:  He can hardly be worse than the professional politicians who normally run everything into the ground.  Of course, my interest is a lot more narrowly focused than the average citrizen; my interest begins and ends with a single salient question:  How many death warrants will Rick Scott sign?   Stay Tuned!
Love. Bill

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