Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 2, 2010

February 2, 2010
Dear Sis~

We have an execution scheduled for February 16th, just two weeks away, so the state can carve another notch in its collective pistol grip (in the best traditonof our macho, authoritatrian self-righteous ethos).  Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago I'm watching Pat Robertson on TV (he's a blowhard TV preacher who purports to speak for God) as he pontificates on the tragedy of the Haitian earthquake.  With a straight face, Robertson claims that God brought the earthquake upon Haiti because, he claims, Haitians supposedly made a "pact with Satan" 200 years ago to free their nation from the French.  Apparently, this is Robertson's idea of a just and loving God!  Robertson conveniently overlooks that it was the "Christian" Europeans who brought the slaves to Haiti to begin with.  Slaves were not faring so well under the so-called civilized societies of the Christian European nations!  I guess in Robertson's world view, the slaves should have stuck it out with their masters rather than seek their freedom.  The Haitian slaves overthrew their masters through a series of revolts and battles; they did not need any help from "Satan".  Perhaps Robertson cannot bring himself to believe that "savage, ignorant slaves" could defeat a modern European nation on the battlefield, ergo they must have had supernatural assistance from Satan.  Robertson is the same clown who publicly claimed that both the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina were punishments wrought by God upon Americans due to our wickedness.  It would be laughable were it not for the fact that millions of Americans are devoted to Robertson and view him as God's mouthpiece, notwithstanding his lame pronouncements.  I once watched him on his TV program, "The 700 Club", just before the last presidential election as he claimed God "told him in a vision" that Obama would suffer an overwhelming defeat at the polls and McCain would be elected "in a landslide".  Robertson is always begging for money on TV, yet several years ago Forbes estimated  his personal fortune at over $700 million.  This is the kind of idiot millions of Americans view as a leader and a "man of God" worthy of patterning their lives after.  No wonder America appears to be in eclipse...
Gotta get back to more legal work so I'll close this up and post it.  I hope you're dug out from under all the snow!
Love, Bill

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