Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 14, 2009

Dear Sis~
There was an execution scheduled for last night which apparently did not occur; my understanding is that the prisoner (Marek) got a temporary stay several days ago, although I have no details. Even though we're at ground zero here, with the death chamber just 100 feet away, rumors are often our only source of information. The local media gives virtually no coverage of these matters (they barely mention when the actual executions occur). If the stay is dissolved, another execution could quickly be scheduled. The other execution is still on for 2 weeks from now, as far as I know... [note from Lisa: just get back from visiting Bill and the second execution was also stayed!!]
Two days ago Governor Crist announced that he will not be seeking another term as governor, but instead, will run for the US Senate next year (Republican Mel Martinez is retiring). Crist, orignally a conservative, has positioned himself as a moderate/populist since becomeing governor and he's fairly popular here. He faces a strong challenge in the primaries from his own fellow Republicans, specifically the conservative wing, who feels is is not sufficiently right-wing. If he survives that, he'll face whoever the Democrats nominate. The Florida Democratic party is rather lame and incompetent; in the fourth most populous state in America, they never seem to be able to mount any credible candidates, which allows Republicans to remain in power, even with their historically even less competent candidates. Still, this year they have an interesting candidate for governor, a woman named Alex Sink, who is currently the State's Chief Financial Officer. She is very intelligent and is politically adept, and she may emerge as a new rising star. Obama carried Florida, so the possibilty exists that we may go for a democratic governor, and I'm all for a woman taking over - the old, rich white men have screwed up this state (and country) enough already. Women are more pragmatic and solutions-oriented which we need more of and less stale ideology. Moreover, as a rule, they are just not into killing people like men are, which is good for someone in my position. That assumes, of course, that I survive long enought to see a new governor sworn in. Still, this political development provides me with a sliver of hope, and on death row, hope is a precious commodity. Without hope, there is nothing.
Love, Bill


Kim scotland said...

Hi from scotland again

I hope your keeping in good health and high spirits

Take care

Lots of best wishes from my side of the * pind * to yours

Kim from scotland x

emily82381 said...

i admire you for being able to stay so positive. i like the attiture you have.

i am doing a project of the lives of people on death row and i was wondering if i could ask you a few short questions about your brothers life and how it is dealing with such a cahnge in your life as well. if you could e-mail me at it would mean so much to me.
thank you for your time.

Debiann Sycks said...

Hello what a positive man You are!! I for one am opposed to the Death Penalty and have written many governors and even the Prez. You are so well rounded and SMART!! You are and would be an asset to the world as we know it today!! It is a shame that people dont see the good in people who have made mistakes in life. We all are not perfect!! I for one have never met a perfect person yet!!
I oppose the death penalty first because alot of innocent men and women are executed everyday , and secondly I dont think that humans have the right to judge someones life like that. That is our Gods duty dont You think?? I pray every night that the world will see that the Death Penalty is wrong !! And that it cost almost 3 million dollars per person to execute them. It is far more cheaper to keep them in prison for life. How stupid is our world to take this into there own hands. God will be the judge for them also!! Shame on them!!! I love you and wish you all the best. Debiann Sycks