Friday, November 07, 2008

GOOD NEWS!!! Friday Nov 7th

Dear Readers~
I just found out through a good friend of ours that Bill was moved upon the request of the Virginia Dept of Corrections...they simply do not want to house him any longer. I suspect this is because of the publicity he caused about Percy Walton's abuse in prison and other "problems" he has caused them. I just received a letter from Bill that says he was fully expecting to have his death warrant read to him upon his arrival at Florida State Prison last Friday, but that didn't happen; he is being treated like a regular Death Row inmate. At FSP, though, even DR inmates get a six-hour contact visit! A dear friend of his is visiting him tomorrow and I'm sending him money today that will be available to him tomorrow, so I'll just have to take a longer road trip to visit him, but at least I can! Thank you all for your prayers and kind words...I am forwarding them to Bill today via letter. His new mailing address is William Van Poyck #034071-Florida State Prison-7819 NW 228th St-Raiford FL 32026-1160.
Light & Love, Lisa


Elea Carey said...

Better to be unwanted by VA than wanted by FL!
Hang in there, one and all.

Anonymous said...

It is moving to read the same news from inside your cell.
You are not alone, Bill. The ones who love are near from you and will always be.i love you Bill