Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 24, 2008

Dear Sis~
Emmett was executed an hour ago. The TV News Reporter apparently didn't think that was very newsworthy as it was about the 7th story reported, after the traffic, weather report, and story about feral cats, etc...
Anyway, Sis, I'm bummed out right now and not really in a letter-writing mood. This is the fourth execution here in 8 weeks and I'm just tired of being a part of so much death. I have not added it up, but off the top of my head I estimate that I've seen then take away and execute about 40 guys since I've been here in Viorgina. I do remember they killed 14 guys in my first 12 months here, when they were really on a tear. I promise my next letter will be more upbeat!
Light & Love.

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Anonymous said...

hey bill,
new guy here, i've been reading alot of your blog lately. not sure how to comment. so instead of getting all philosophical, i though i would try another avenue.
what do think of the Brett Farve trade? think the jets will do better than the packers? whose your favorite team?
jesse j.