Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oct. 17, 2007 Emmett Returns!

Dear Sis~
Around 5pm today, just four hours before Emmett's scheduled execution, the US Supreme Court granted him a stay of execution until they issue a ruling in that Kentucky case which they granted certiorari review to back on Sept 25th. So, Emmett has at least another 5-6 months to live (I estimate the Court will hand down a decision in the Kentucky case around March or April; oral arguments are now scheduled for January 7th). By granting this stay, the US Supreme Court has effectively signaled the states that a moratorium now exists until they hand down their decision in the Kentucky case. Remember, they also granted a stay in a Texas case 3 weeks ago. This does not mean that some stubborn states and/or governors won't continue to sign some death warrants, but the Supreme Court is telling them that they really shouldn't, and if they do it anyway and the prisoner brings that lethal injection issue to them (the Supreme Court), the Court will grant a stay. Some guys may still be executed because some prisoners are "volunteers" (i.e., they've given up all appeals) while others may not even be raising this issue. But, essentially, there is now a de facto moratorium and Emmett will live to see another Christmas, another New Year, and perhaps another Easter.
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