Friday, August 24, 2007

Aug 21, 2007

Dear Sis~
I've fallen behind in all my letter writing as I've devoted the last few weeks to cobbling together my cert petition. Tonight I received the big batch of US Supreme Court cases which I've been waiting on to finish up. The cert petition has three separate issues (called "Questions Presented") and I've completed two of them; this last one, which is the first one in the petition, is the most complex and difficult to put together. My game plan is to have the whole thing done and in the mail to my lawyers by next Monday morning. It should be typed up and back in my hands by around Sept 6th or so, at which point I can begin editing it for the final version (as my lawyers will be doing simultaneously). Our deadline for filing is Oct 12th, so I'm in pretty good shape. As with any big project, it will be a huge relief when I wrap it up & mail it off. I've got a stack of about 25 unread magazines sitting next to my bunk which I've had to put aside while I've focused on my legal work, so I'll have plenty of reading to catch up on...
When I explained the problem with your computer's speakers to my neighbor, Bill (he's a fairly sophisticated audiophile) he suggested that it is probably your sound card, which you can remove & replace. You can have it checked out by someone, but of course, that will cost you. He said it could be a number of different things, but his best guess is that it's a fault in your sound card. He also said you can go online & look up what a sound card is (if you're interested in learning about it) and see how it can be removed & replaced (it goes into a slot, I'm told). Anyway, I hope that helps. Otherwise, it's time to call the Geek Squad!
Okay, Sis, I'm going to hit the hay (it's just past midnight now) so I can get up early and get back to work. Tomorrow should prove to be a productive day.
With Love, Bill

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