Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 11, 2007-Sunday evening

Dear Sis~
I just finished watching a new episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover-Home Edition, which I've observed to you before is one of the best things on TV. It's difficult for me to get through any of the shows without shedding tears (usually more than once per show) because it's so emotional. Each week they find a well-deserving family, which has gone through some type of shattering trauma, and the team of builders goes in and builds them a brand new home in 7 days. One of the best aspects of the program is how invariably the entire community comes together to help the family out, sort of like how in the Amish community everyone gets together and raises a barn or house for a neighbor in a day or two. It's very moving to see so many people give of their time and energy so eagerly to help out those in need. It's a vivid reminder of the goodness in most people's hearts, a reaffirmation that most Americans, given a chance, will give generously to help their neighbors.
In tonight's episode there was a mother (named Faith) and her two daughters, left all alone after her teenage son was killed in a car wreck. The girls were left with a half-built house (it was only framed in timber so it was more like a quarter-built house) which was left exposed to the elements for 2 years out in the Georgia woods. The mother and girls had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 2 years, barely able to make ends meet. The build team finished building the house, turning out a really beautiful home. On top of it all, the deceased son had donated his major organs and the build team surprised the mother by introducing her to the teenage girl who received her son's heart! It was a very emotional meeting. Throughout all of this show the mother, Faith, exhibited a beautiful and gracious spirit (and a terrific smile) :} What a great Mom she is!

It's getting late & I'm gonna hit the hay, Sis. (Did you happen to catch the total lunar eclipse last week? You should have been able to see it from your back yard).

Love & Peace,

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The Crissey's said...

Our family enjoy's EMHE as well, you can say I'm an extreme fan. We live here in Georgia about 60 miles from the build. I went one day to help, moved in cabnets. On the transport van to the build site I met the mother of the heart receipent, sorta makes our application pale in comparison. God is good though, turns out we go on a month long vacation, and about 40 people deployed on our home and repaired, installed things to help us out. Now it's not a complete teardown, but the work they did will make live a bit easier.