Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 20, 2006

Dear Sis~
I just finished devouring my December issue of Flying magazine, which I typically read cover-to-cover as soon as I receive them. My deep love for all things related to aviation emanates from something in my spirit, something I was born with. Although Dad was an executive with Eastern Air Lines and consequently, we were exposed to the fundamentals of flying at a relatively early age, (how I loved visiting the open-air rooftop viewing area on top of the old Miami International Airport terminal to watch those old propeller-driven airliners take off and land back in the early 1960's!) my inherent love of planes predated our introduction to flying by Dad.

Well, Thanksgiving Day is just 3 days away. Of course, it's a little less celebratory in prison than it is on the streets, but I really do have much to be thankful for, notwithstanding my being on death row...Still, while you're probably eating some juicy turkey and delicious sweet potato or pumpkin pie, with hot buttered rolls and spicy stuffing, my meal will be a little more mundane & generic. We'll get 2 slices of turkey loaf (i.e., lunchmeat), a couple of slices of white bread, some cold & lousy "stuffing", and a couple of tablespoons of cranberry sauce. Ironically, in the "old days" (the 1970's and early 1980's) we ate much better in prison during the holidays. Back then the prison kitchens made a real effort to make our three annual holiday meals special (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Fourth of July). Typ
ically we'd get a lot of real turkey meat, with hot mashed potatoes & gravy, rolls and butter, good stuffing, salad, hard-boiled eggs, corn on the cob, pumpkin or sweet potato pie, a big hunk of cranberry sauce and eggnog to drink. But, over the years, the prisons have outsourced their kitchens to private companies (like Aramark) who win the contracts based on the lowest bids. Not surprisingly, in such a profit-driven atmosphere, our meals have gone to Hell. We get very small portions of very bad food. This is a more or less universal thing, nationwide, in all jails and prisons (that's why we get a bag lunch - two stale sandwiches - every single day, year in and year out). So, when the holidays come, the meals are nearly indistinguishable from any other meal, which is to say they're equally bad. On the other hand, I'm alive, healthy and in good spirits, and that's certainly worth being thankful for!

Happy Turkey day, Sis! (Be sure to give some to the dogs!)

Peace & Love,


Anonymous said...

I've spent quite a few hours reading Bill's writings. Please tell him he is an amazing writer and wish him well from Los Angeles. It is hard to imagine the state would kill this person, but then I guess they do it all the time. It's too hard to think about sometimes. Again, all my best to you Lisa and your brother.

Anonymous said...

After reading a small peice in the book, Death Row by Xavier Waterkeyn about William, I have come to this and other web pages to (and have)learn more about this seemingly intellegent, interesting man. One question I would ask William. Why? when given a chance at freedom did he blow it. When I think back to that fateful 24th of June 1987, I was celebrating my 30th birthday and William was giving up his chance of living, literally. The saddest part in this I find is, Williams desire to free 1 man has inadvertantly led to "possibly" 3 lives lost, (saddest of all is of the innocent one) Not knowing much about American law or the Death Penalty, (Australia abolished Capital Punishment in 1985) I don't know if William has a chance of getting his sentence changed to life imprisonment or not. Deep down I hope he does, if, as he states, he himself didn't bring an end to an innocent mans life.